Sixth Chapter

I know I had a vision. They are hard to spot. All the same elements of insight are there- distinction between elements clearly defined in the context of a picture that you just had consciously reaffirmed- yet it slides through the notion of time like camera zoom takes you through space, following the line of […]

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Chapter Five

I am a bump. I might as well be. Day is just a day. It holds no mystery anymore. No expectations left. It is a phase. What is a phase?! This one leaves no space for any other! Everything is a phase. You know it, how different can it possibly be. Not this one, because […]

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How I Quit The Sugar

   One is not the other.         I have kept my distance. Of course, I craved. When I left, it was infinitely less difficult to keep up with being sober. There were times though, when I didn’t know what kept me together. The wish was so demanding, I spent days constructing the scenario […]

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Facts Are Not Smart

                     1. Confused    Every time after the other reveales itself as conclusively unreachable, there comes the another one intensively reachable and every time i reach for the alternative, which proves itself as a mistake, again and again.    Only what you want is worth the […]

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