My writing is about exploring the fabric of a projection, the realm of the psychological:  one’s desires, passions, obsessions, infatuations, addictions are the issues that I am stating as crucial developmental experiences. I do not address them from a scientific point, but from the position of an explorer and an adventurer. I am moving through the experience of my own passion, or infatuation and with the mind, diligence and decision of a modern day ascetic, I follow the phenomenon of self re-evaluation. My experience is that the self never lets us be more than a memoir journalist of an existence that the conscious I is trying to claim as its own property. My self, or identity, is not my own.

But, I do have something of my own. I can build an image of an infatuation that has inflamed me. I can address addiction with the logic of thinking spirit. I am building the images of my psychological experience.

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